LG KG920 5 Megapixel Phone

lg kg920 models reviews

If you are from Korea, 5 megapixels on a camera phone is about as exciting as a VGA camera phone is at other parts of the world. With 8-megapixel (Samsung SPH-V8200) and 10-megapixel (Samsung SCH-B600) mobile phones leading the charge, we can understand why they think VGA camera phone is a joke

Finally, Europe is going to be treated to the LG KG920, a GSM handset that comes with a swivelling 5-megapixel camera complete with auto focus and flash.

It even comes with a lens cover. In effect, you no longer need to carry around a camera AND a cell phone, because this thing will do both and actually give you some excellent resolution.

lg kg920 review

The swivel capability of the KG920 should prove worthy when taking those hard-to-shoot pictures. Standard features include an MP Player, a miniSD expansion slot and Bluetooth support. It’s reported that the LG KG920 will be launched only in Europe! But we believe surely they will look at other parts of the world later.

The KG920 consists of two parts joined by a rotating hinge. The top part includes the screen on the front and the battery on the back, and the lower part houses the keypad on the front and camera module on the back. As opposed to the rotating Nikon cameras and the Nokia 3250, the lens is directly behind the keypad, instead of on the edge of the device. If you wish to take self-portraits, you can simply rotate the camera around 180 degrees. The screen and the camera will now be on the same face. If you are a keen photographer, the rotating mechanism also allows you to take pictures from a very low angle. I am happy to report that the hinge feels extremely solid, just like the rest of the phone. With the included Xenon flash, the KG920 is also great for party pictures.

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