Nokia N80

nokia n80 review

Nokia N80 scored an Excellent 8 out of 10 from CNET Asia review. Thus, this should be a pretty good and solid mobile phone.

Excpert from CNET Asia review:

The good: Small, squat hardware; good camera controls; front camera for 3G calls; hot swappable memory cards; good screen.

The bad: Short on built-in memory; no autofocus for camera; slider is not spring loaded and has no convenient grip.

The bottom line: Nokia’s N80 has a neat design, is packed with features and is a great all-rounder, but it does have its faults, such as a shortage of built-in memory, lack of autofocus for the camera and lack of slider grip.

With a slide form factor the Nokia N80 is reminiscent of the first S60 smartphone, the 7650. However, appearances are deceptive because three years of development have resulted in a phone several generations more advanced.

The N80 is pleasing to the eye and is finished in a mixture of chrome and metal, similar in feel and looks to the N70, which gives the whole device a substantial feel. The N80 will be available in two versions – silver and black, both are constructed of similar materials, but the black version has the advantage of hiding smudges and fingerprints more than the silver version.

Major features:-

  • Size : 94.5 x 50 x 26 mm
  • Weight : 134 g
  • Standby Time : 192 hours
  • Talktime : 300 minutes
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • 3 Megapixel Digital Camera
  • Video Recording & Playback
  • Vibration Alert
  • Polyphonic Ringtones
  • Built in FM Radio
  • Integrated MP3 Player
  • WLAN connectivity
  • Quadband

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